The Type The Domain Name That You Want To Register page appears. Both of these tasks can be relatively complicated, but fortunately, Windows SBS 2011 includes an Internet Address Management Wizard that helps you to complete them. Figure 4-4 The DHCP Console, showing the scope that the Connect To The Internet Wizard created. Before installing Windows Small Business Server (SBS) 2011, make sure your computer meets the minimum system requirements. The Verify The Information For Your Trusted Certificate page appears, containing the name of your remote site and the company and address information you supplied during the Windows SBS 2011 installation. In the Domain name and extension text box, type your full domain name, with the suffix. For more information on configuring a smart host, see Chapter 15, “Administering Email.”. Microsoft released Small Business Server 2011 on December 13, 2010, during WPC 2010 and it appeared to be the last version of Small Business Server as we know it. If the Internet domain name you select is available, the wizard enables you to register it with one of several commercial domain registrars. As you finish each task, select its Completed check box to keep track of your progress. For your users to send and receive Internet email or access your network services from a remote location, you must establish a presence on the Internet. This message appears because the web server has generated its own certificate, and on the Internet, a computer that verifies its own identity is not trustworthy. For example, if you use adatum.local for your internal domain, you might choose for your Internet domain. The most common practice is to use the same second-level domain name, but with a different top-level domain. If the wizard fails to detect a router on the network, you can still specify values for the Router IP address and Server IP address fields. Windows Small Business Server 2011 Software for sale | eBay Then, to run the wizard and register a new domain name, use the following procedure: Log on to your Windows SBS 2011 primary server using an account with network Administrator privileges. If the Router IP address and Server IP address values that appear on the page are correct, click Next. Once you have a registered domain name, the wizard then configures your server, your router, and the Domain Name System records for the new domain. To access the administration interface, you type that IP address in a web browser and log in using the access password, also specified in the product documentation. However, this is not to say that a server running Windows SBS is ready for users when the installation is finished. The Windows SBS Console appears. The Windows Server SBS 2011 came with a lot of new updates and features as compared to the previous versions i.e. What you are actually paying for when you register a domain is space on the registrar’s DNS servers, in which you can create resource records in that domain. Click Next. You don’t have to use the same second-level domain, however; you can use any domain name that is available for registration. The Connect Computers To Your Network Wizard is also accessible from the Network page. To register a new name, you must have some idea what name you want to use and a credit card to pay the registration fee. By default, a server running Windows SBS 2011 creates self-signed certificates for the intranet websites it hosts and for its domain controller functions. Estimate costs of your building projects and activities. For more information on these subjects, see Chapter 6, “Working with Users, Computers, and Groups” and Chapter 10, “Sharing Printers.”, If you migrated your server running Windows SBS 2011 from an earlier version of Windows SBS, an additional Migrate to Windows SBS task appears in the Getting started tasks list. Figure 4-5 The DHCP Console, showing the scope options that the Connect To The Internet Wizard created. The domain name enables Internet users to locate your network, and the router configuration lets the packets coming from those users pass through your firewall. For information on using these wizards, see Chapter 6. Click Register now to open Internet Explorer and connect to the registrar’s website. Some of the other entries in the Getting started tasks list link to help files as well, including How can users access computers on the network? Click Cancel to exit the wizard, troubleshoot your router, and restart the wizard. If the Router IP address and Server IP address fields are incorrect or blank, then troubleshoot your router (if necessary), supply the correct values, and click Next. You can follow the … In the Domain name text box, type the second-level domain name that you want to register. While you might want to consider some of their offers, you don’t need anything other than a standard domain name registration to complete the wizard and finish configuring your server. Windows Small Business Server 2011 Administrator's Pocket Consultant, SQL Server 2019 Administration Inside Out, Getting Started with Windows Small Business Server 2011. A smart host is an external email server, typically operated by an ISP, which you can use as an intermediate stop for your users’ outgoing email. To connect workstations to your network, you must create user accounts and join the computers to your AD DS domain. Figure 4-9 The DNS Manager Console, showing the third-level domain created by the Internet Address Management Wizard. You should run the Connect To The Internet Wizard again if you ever install a new router on your network or reconfigure your router to use a different IP address.